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Sisal is the material that sisal rugs consist of. It is a plant fiber which comes from a plant known as Agave Sisalana. This plant is a succulent and grows in very dry, desert climates.

Sisal rugs are both fashionable and eco-friendly. They are produced from the natural plant fiber sisal, which comes from the cactus plant Agave sisalana, and they are very sustainable. If you're "going green," adding a sisal rug to your space is a smart choice. The natural fiber sisal is well known for its resilient nature.

Made from natural fibres, sisal is a fabulous rope that's mainly resistant to sunlight and has little to no stretching. Sisal is a very biodegradable product that guarantees farmers as well as gardeners the ability to utilize the twine material. Sisal rope for sale available, you may easily buy from us. Sisal Rope is a multi-functional rope with several valuable purposes, one of its most recognized uses being for parcels and other handicraft projects.

Great for use in the garden or home it's often used in decking, timber work, or even as a scratching post for cats. It's great for use in a tug of war too, with a hairy feel it allows brilliant grip. We are sisal rope manufacturers, our company is focused on serving high-quality products and in manufacturing and exporting the Sisal Ropes.

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