Sisal Yarn for Sale

Agave sisalana or Sisal is a species of plants belonging to the Asparagaceae Family, as well as one whose leaf-derived fibers are considered as among the most commercially vital plant fibers.

Moderate grade fibers are deemed fit for practice in making marine, shipping, agricultural, including industrial ropes including twines, while lower grade sisal fibers are processed by the paper manufacturing industries to produce paper products.

Sisal Twine

Sisal twine is manufactured from natural plant fiber. The sisal fiber is highly durable, stretchable, reliable, and resistant to saltwater. The higher-grade sisal fibers are utilized to make yarn for carpet weaving. Sisal yarn for sale available, you may get from us.

The sisal plant is various from hemp that is also utilized in manufacturing twine and rope. The method of crushing the sisal leaves until simply fibers remain is termed decortication. The resulting fiber material is drained, cleaned or brushed, including baled for exportation. The sisal is considered a tropic plant with sword-shaped leaves that measure 1.5 to 2 meters tall. Plants usually live for seven to ten years and produce 200 to 250 available fibrous leaves in that time. We are leading sisal yarn exporters; you may buy from us at good price.

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